Take Action for Yupi

Relocation Campaign

At the present time, the Morelia Zoo
considers Yupi a valuable asset to their live collection and a showcase animal that is well-liked by members of the public. This seems bizarre considering the very limited viewing opportunities provided to visitors who come to see Yupi. 

Until we brought it to their attention, the zoo did not appear to consider Yupi’s conditions particularly problematic. This is concerning when one considers the wealth of new material about bear husbandry and management that is emerging from the zoo community internally and from other external sources. It also indicates that the Morelia Zoo has not been actively pursuing information and learning from the experiences of other facilities that keep and display polar bears. 

While the zoo would be expected to fight against Yupi's relocation, it is possible that they would eventually see the move as being in their best
interest. It would help establish the Morelia Zoo as an ethical facility and a leader amongst Mexican zoos.

There are potential placement possibilities in several regions, but none can be confirmed until the zoo agrees to relocate Yupi. 

If the zoo decided not to move Yupi, it is important to generate sufficient pressure to force the zoo to make husbandry improvements and to solidify their commitment to not obtain additional polar bears in future.

How To Help

You can help Yupi by sending an email to the Zoo Director, the Municipal Mayor and/or the Governor of Michoacan. You can also mail a letter to the Morelia Zoo and explain that Yupi's confinement is unacceptable. 

Please explain that you strongly support Yupi's relocation to a more suitable facility in a much colder climate.

To email the Zoo Director, the Municipal Mayor, or the Governor of Michoacan, Mexico, please click on the email link to be directed, or copy and paste the email address.

Zoo Director -

MVZ Alberto Arres Rangel  
Mayor of Morelia
Ing. Manuel Nocetti Tiznado


Technical secretary of the Municipal President
Lic. Alfredo Herrejón Abud

Michoacán Governor

Ing. Silvano Aureoles Conejo

Gobernador del Estado de Michoacán

Casa de Gobierno
Periférico Paseo de la República # 1500
Dr. y Gral. Oviedo Mota 
C.P. 58060. Morelia, Mich.

Please mail your letters to the Morelia Zoo at this address:

Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez
Calzada Juarez S/N, Col. Felix Ireta
C.P. 58070, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico